Interconnectedness of our lives today means that matters of rights and justice demand participation and action from all of us with ability to help. There are many ways in which we feel motivated to help, but also we often ask ourselves questions like: What are the actual results? Am I really needed here, or can I use my time or money better myself?

Our goals are better citizen choices and better public policy. Moving towards these goals starts with availability of information and democratic conversation to all. Every report or presentation we bring you will be seen by at least thousands of people world-wide, often for the first time. And of course this does not need to be the only good result: You can add to the results with more of your participation. We do not ask for money, and all you need to take part are an internet connection and freedom to use it, and you will not need to leave the comfort of your house.

Be audience and share: Best news and analysis in the world will not accomplish anything until many people see them and have conversations about them. Joining our audiences and sharing our content on your social media and giving your feedback are contributions as important as making the content:

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Help with organising and creating content: Creating a report for World Media in English can take some time and concentration, but it can be a fun and rewarding project as well; more so if you collaborate in a group. The guidelines we have prepared for this purpose (linked below) are aimed at maximising the public education and engagement value of your work. At the same time, these guidelines provide a simple set of step by step instructions to help you through completion of your project. You or your group do not need specialised training. You only need to be current with public affairs of your community and have some translation skills.

For an article or video or live event to be produced and to reach thousands of people around the world, knowledge and experience are also needed in multimedia, social media, IT and legal fields. If you would like to help in creating content, or in any of the supporting roles, or just with networking, you are welcome to drop by our virtual meetings (using Zoom) to discuss your interests. There is no minimum time commitment required, and you can unsubscribe any time. Please see Events on our home page.

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Campaign for air, water and economy where the situation is among the worst in the world while solutions are available. See Campaigns page.

A first rainfall of the season sends thousands in the world's most polluted city to hospitals: See our news article under Currently navigation tab.

Guidelines, also serving as an easy to use set of instructions for creating reports for World Media in English are ready. Please see Contribute page.